I provide consultancy services on design, detailing and manufacturing of electrical and electronic consumer products. I coordinate all three main phases of the projects that I undertake. As well as the design phase of each project, undertaking the responsibility for detailing and production increases my control over my projects and minimises the total project duration. Even if companies have no in-house R&D and production departments they would be able to bring their products to life with those services. Designing a product has become more attractive compared with just trading in that product.You canfind my portfolio (2001-2009) in the “projects” section.You canget an overview about the ideas behind my projects, my design process, and general information about me in the article below.

Idea development phase…

Consumer groups…

Each project is supported by a volunteer consumer group of almost 50 people throughout its duration. They assist me in three stages by means of surveys and tests. These stages are:

  1. Determination of the user’s requirements (at the beginning of the project)
  2. Verifying that the developed concepts satisfy the requirements (in the middle of the project)
  3. Verification of total product development and testing (at the end of the project )

In order to be able to bring a beneficial product to life, consumer feedback at these stages is crucial, and by working with user groups, I carry out the verification of the future commercial success of the project.

The ideas giving shape to my designs

It is my principal goal to bring benefit to three main areas or groups by means of my projects. These are “the environment”, “the user” and “the investor”, all of which have equal priority. The project should exert a minimum cost for the environment, the user and the investor. The product should benefit all three. (Here, “to bring benefit to the environment” can be considered as not bringing harm to it) With the help of the feedback from users, I try to design products that achieve the above goals. The information below is the ideas giving shape to my designs.

  • The design should have the most primal and simplest lines possible. Every detail on the product should have its own implicit reason to be.
  • The form of the designed product should complement the user anatomy and the components within.
  • The designed product, under normal circumstances, should be as small as possible and, in any event, should be smaller than any alternative. This approach is important for environmental reasons and for making user life simpler.
  • The design, even if not requested by the client or even if there is no contribution to the profitability of the client, should target the disabled and elderly as far as possible.
  • The design should include fine details appealing to the five senses. The product’s colour, texture, material and sounds coming from its components are part of the design.
  • The product should consume minimal resources (energy or materials) from nature.
  • There should be as few words as possible on the product. The product should communicate to the user in design language without any written description. In case the design language is insufficient, graphical language should be preferred. If even graphical language is insufficient, words, terms and descriptions should be used on the product.
  • In connection with the above idea, the product, should have enough design language to eliminate the necessity of an over detailed user guide.

Detailing… Collaboration with project engineers…

Upon completion of the project design phase I carry out the mechanical detailing, electronic design, testing and prototype making jointly with the external consultant engineers. The engineers I work with are experienced and competent product development specialists who work for international projects. Cooperation with internationally-experienced engineers leads to the application of new technologies into the projects.

Component and supplier selection

I carry out the supplier and component selection phase again with the consulting engineers. Thus we can select the most appropriate components for the projects. To be involved with the component selection stage, as a designer, has an enormous impact on enhancing the design superiority in addition to the engineering quality.

Project management… Coordinating the project team members…

Lastly, I would like to highlight the infrastructure which underpins project tracking. In order to be able to execute the projects together with the suppliers, companies and people in different countries, information exchange and data sharing have to be very smooth. Moreover, the companies that I work for should be able to access every detail of the projects at any time. With the aim of satisfying these needs, I follow up and track the projects through one specific project management software. People working on the project can log in to “Neciserver”, enter developments to the project on the system, can follow other users’ entries, can upload, download and share files, can access the supplier company  and individual contact information and can be informed about the stage of the project at that moment. Monitoring the project through one server not only enables people in different countries to work with each other in harmony but also facilitates the customer’s company in closely following the whole process. Many thanks to the following companies Infotron, Aksu and Airfel for their contribution towards bringing my projects to life, to my programmer friend Akın Sarıgül for his generous help in creating a website and to my designer & photographer friend Kaan Şenolfor his excellent photography. Additionally, here I would like to thank all the people who have contributed their opinions as we have jointly carried out the different stages of the projects. If you would like to join those volunteers just leave a message on the contact section of the website. (Your emails, thoughts and the information you share will be kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged to third parties nor used for sending commercial emails) You can find detailed information about me in the resume given below. Feel free to contact me for further information or requests. Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you on some occasion.

Hulusi Neci
Product Designer & Project Coordinator