Like many other works of his, Hulusi Neci’s enthusiasm for design can also be seen in his volunteer workshops at universities. First of all, Hulusi immediately responded to our invitation of mindmapping workshop as a part of ID project 2. I would like to thank him because of his humble and friendly attitude. His mindmapping workshop fruitfully contributed students for approaching rather complex design problems. After the workshop the students seemed to be enlightened by this simple yet effective technique. I hope students from other universities will have the opportunity work with Hulusi Neci. I would like to thank him again for his contribution to the project.

Devrim Ülkebaş
Assist. Prof. Dr.
Academic staff
Kadir Has University
Department of Industrial Design
Istanbul, Turkey


When we were looking for a instructor with strong professional background, fortunately ETMK (Industrial Designers Society of Turkey) suggested us Mr. Hulusi Neci. He gently accepted our offer and became an instructor of Industrial Design Project V course in collaborated with our full-time instructor Mustafa Unalmis. In order to correct use of his strong knowledge of plastic materials, electronic devices, components and their possibilities, we gave 2 projects to our students in order. First project was re-designing and producing (with 3d printer) working desktop phone projects and the other one was designing 5 years laters household electrical appliances for new needs. 2. project, thanks to the his applaudable effort, was successfully fulfilled in collaboration with Akim Metal Corporation. Our students were very impressed by his experience, professional perspective and approach in design. I’m very glad to have met Mr. Hulusi Neci and i would like to thank him for his great effort at Meliksah University.

Mustafa Yilmaz
Assist. Prof. Dr.
Industrial Product Design
Meliksah University
Kayseri Turkey


First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Hulusi Neci on behalf of our students, for that creative and consciousness expanding workshop. We invited him for the research and problem identifying part of the Project course to conduct the “Mindmapping Workshop”. During the workshop, he shared his experiences in professional life and then run a brainstorming session with students on Project subject. I would like to thank again to him for sharing his experiences, valuable ideas with us and his contribution to the Project course.

Dilek Hocaoğlu
Assist. Prof. Dr.
Department of Industrial Product Design
Doğuş University
Istanbul Turkey


Hulusi Neci whom I know him more then five years has always been volunteer to give motivation to young designers, inpired them on unique and creative way of thinking in design process. Very talented on explanation of complicated mechanical systems, highly oriented on solving intricate detailing. He has always been entusiastic in any design activity they may lead to innovative thinking. He likes to devote his time to any design activity in education that the return is learning together and design experience with young minds.

Elçin Tezel
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Department of Industrial Design
Bahçeçehir University
Istanbul Turkey


Mr. Neci was invited for the “Applied Workshop Course” for Industrial Design students in Izmir University of Economics. He gave an introductory seminar on his works and experiences as a designer. I would like to thank Mr. Neci, on behalf of all students and participants for his contribution to the Applied Workshop course. Through the seminar, the students- as well as other participants- benefited from his experiences.

Izmir University of Economics
Department of Industrial Design
Izmir Turkey


I met Mr.Hulusi Neci in 2001. During the years, I follow his projects and outstanding success. I invited him to 18 th National Ergonomics Congress as a invited speaker. He talked about his experince on design of product with aspect of ergonomic principles. All participants and especially my students benefited from his experiences and we all learned many things about penremote why it is an ergonomic product?. I would like to thank again for his good presentation.

Serap Ulusam Seçkiner
Associate Professor Dr.
University of Gaziantep
Department of Industrial Engineering
Gaziantep Turkey


We have decided to use the online project management platform for our Istanbul Development Agency supported project Design for SMEs (www.kobilericintasarim.com). In the context of this specific project, 20 professional designers, 20 company representatives, 5 advisors and us, the Istanbul Technical University project team, are registered to the platform and find it very beneficial for the project. Mr. Hulusi Neci gave an introductory seminar on the program and all stakeholders of the project started to use it. Mr. Neci is always helpful in giving guidance on how to use the platform effectively and we thank him for that.

Özlem Er
Professor Dr.
Istanbul Technical University
Department of Industrial Product Design
Taşkışla, Taksim
Istanbul Turkey


I would like to add a personal ‘thank you’ for your contributions last semester. The students benefited from your vital experiences and we all learned many things from your comments, critics and advice. It was a pleasure to have you as part of the ID4 studio team, and thank you for giving your time and services to tutor at METU ID.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Owain Pedgley
Program Coordinator METU/TUDelft Joint MSc in Design Research for Interaction

Department of Industrial Design
Faculty of Architecture
Middle East Technical University


I met Mr.Hulusi Neci in 2006 begining with Airfel universial remote controller project, and am very much impressed by his unique design concept and professional working style. We have been working together for 5 years and have a good cooperations.

General Manager
Guangzhou CHINA


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