Airfel penremote

April 2007

Point of origin

With this project, remote control, which has alw<ays been neglected so far and which could not pass beyond a box with some buttons on it, was wrapped into an identity for the first time ever.

Simple design with primitive geometry

All of us are under attack from the products in our lives. Our home, our pockets and our tables are filled with electronic equipment, each with an individual desire to show off. Our head begins aching because of all those buttons and details. The simplest possible geometrical forms (arcs, straight lines) were used in Airfel penremote. In this way, the product has a form which makes you feel at ease in the visually polluted environment all around us.

Significant harmony with the hand…

The cylindrical form of Airfel penremote is harmonious with the palm of your hand and the form of the four-way button is compatible with your thumb. In holding an electronic device, our thumb is nearly always free. No matter how big it is or how complicated it is, we push the buttons with our thumbs. With this approach, penremote has a significant harmony with the thumb. You will feel this unique harmony when you take penremote in your hand.

Table stand with a magnet

There is a magnet on the table stand and on the body of the penremote. The table stand eliminates the need to hang the remote control on a wall. The magnet on the product makes the product stand at an appropriate angle for the user.

All functions under a single button

Penremote, with a single four-way button, allows you to access all the settings in your air conditioner. This feature brings great convenience and comfort in the use of the product.

“Remotely control… closely feel…”

Penremote is a thermometer, hygrometer and a table clock. Awareness is important. The user needs to be aware of the room temperature and of the humidity level because what we feel in our real life is a combination of these two values

Language independent interface

With very few exceptions, words were not used in the interface of penremote. Instead, easily perceived, simple symbols were preferred. No matter what their language, people can use this product without difficulty.

All in one…

Airfel penremote is a universal remote control. With the infrared code of 28 different Airfel air conditioners it can fulfill the function of 28 different controllers at once. With this feature, the product can be sold as a standalone.

For elderly people…

Elderly people who have always been neglected so far, were targeted with this project. Commonly used features were gathered in a group in the controller. Elderly people can adjust the temperature by tapping up-down buttons when they handle the product even without looking at the screen.

For unsighted people…

Unsighted people may take the sliding button, behind the penremote, to ‘auto’. In this way the temperature setting is carried out automatically. Each of the four buttons perform a separate function, the need for the user to look at the display disappears. We believe this to be the slimmest air conditioner remote control in the world. 21mm(diameter) x 160mm(length) We believe this to be the world’s first air conditioner remote controller requiring only one AA battery.

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