Aksu cafcaf

July 2006


Point of origin

Aksu cafcaf is an electric grill and toaster. By means of this project it is intended to give a new shape to a conventional sandwich toaster.

Compact design

The lines on the body contract while flowing backward. In this way the product and legs behind occupy less space.

Large heating plate

The product is smaller compared with the alternatives. However, the heating plate is large enough to heat as many as four slices of bread at the same time.

Organic transitions

There are organic curves with the same character on the handle, the body and the legs. These curves combine the parts into one common identity and, indirectly, extend the life of the mold by making the metal sheet more pliable. Close to the main body, curves follow the body curves, while approaching the handle they evolve to fit the hand and finger anatomy. When you grasp cafcaf’s handle you will feel the comfort. In a similar way, the handle gives birth to the forefoot with further organic transitions.

Setting switch on the leg

The setting switch is on the leg of Aksu cafcaf. The switch is in a position and angle where users can adjust it with ease.

Twofold expandable heater plate

The heating plate on the top can be opened 180 degrees. Thus, the total surface doubles. The sandwich toaster transforms to an electric grill.

Can stand upright when not in use

Aksu cafcaf can be brought into an upright position when not in use. In this way, it saves space on the shelf.

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