Aksu Fitto

June 2002


Point of origin

With this project, it is aimed to design a compact and easy to clean deep fryer with changeable boiler and filter.

Large cooking capacity in a small size

Due to their greater overall size compared with other small household appliances, efficient use of the volume is important in deep fryers. Aksu Fitto has a cylindrical boiler can. Considering the overall organic form, space between the outer shell and the boiler can is minimal. Thus compared with the alternatives with the same cooking capacity, Aksu Fitto occupies less space on the shelf.

Simple organic lines

Aksu Fitto has simple, organic forms spreading over the entire product. The overall organic lines enable the volume to appear smaller than it actually is.

Large observation window

The observation window was located in the most ideal position and angle over the handle for users to observe fried food without leaning on the product.

Multi purpose handle

There is a button on the handle for fixing the cover to the handle. The cover is opened automatically when the button is pushed. The basket, which is carried by the handle, can be hung. Cooking oil can be strained, freeing the user’s hands and saving time in the kitchen.

Removable cover

The cover and the filter inside the cover can be removed and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Carrying handle

The carrying handle right below the body helps the product to be shelved for storage.

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