Aksu grella

June 2003


Point of origin

Aksu Grella is an electric grill. With this project, it is aimed to design an economical, odourless electric grill consisting of as few parts as possible.

Efficient and homogeneous heating

The electric heater was embedded inside the cooking plate. In this way, heat diffuses into the surface efficiently and homogeneously.

Odourless heating

While using Aksu Grella, no oil can make contact with the heating element and it mainly doesn’t burn. Consequently there will be no smell from the heating element.

Usable on dining table or for serving

Aksu Grella does not reflect the heat to the substrate. It is safe and easy to change its place whilst in use. Thus it can be used for serving.

Easy to clean

The Aksu Grella cooking plate is flat and one piece. There is no indentation that might trap leftovers. For this reason it is easy to clean.

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