Telpaş desktop

December 2003


Point of origin

With the Telpaş desktop telephone project it is intended to bring a brand new phone into life using the existing Telpaş components (printed circuit boards, LCD, speaker, microphone and headphones)

About the functionality…

With respect to its intensive use during office hours, the ergonomics of the desktop phone is in the forefront compared with all other phones. Whilst using a desktop phone, people are simultaneously engaged in other tasks. The ability to be used without a glance is an important requirement for a desktop phone. All these criteria were taken into account during the design stage. In order to eliminate the need for stooping to the product, the interface was oriented to the user. The handset has a slim structure yet it is highly compatible with the anatomy of the ear, the face and the hand. There are complementary forms between the handset and the body. Even if you place the handset improperly, the body structure helps to correct the position. A distinction was made between the location and the structure of the number keys. These keys are able to orient the finger to the proper position without a glance.

About the forms…

The general product has a simple, transparent structure which reflects the inner mechanism to the user. Moreover, this simple structure includes some fine organic details. The handset corresponds with the human hand and face, as well as being in compliance with the main body. In this project, the handset also has an organic connection with the handset cable.

As a business investment…

Because only currently existing components were used in it, the product is easy to adapt to the existing production line.. This project lead the company to offer a brand new product to their customers with only the cost of the plastic mold investment..

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